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September 20, 2012
LCLC honorary member James Oates and former LCLC board member Petras Vaičius will represent the Club at this year’s annual business executive conference ‘Lūžio Taškas’ (‘Tipping Point’) taking place on 27 September in Palanga, Lithuania. Read more >>
September 4, 2012
On 4 September 2012, four previous LCLC presidents, Darius Daubaras, Linas Čiapas, Viktoras Jucikas, Ieva Šatkutė, and the current president Daumantas Mockus gathered for an innaugural annual Presidents' Dinner. Read more >>
August 27, 2012
At the start of this summer's last bank holiday weekend, a dozen of LCLC'ers packed their sunglasses and their bathing suits and set out on a slow and relaxing weekend in Interlaken, Switzerland. Or so they thought... Read more >>
August 4, 2012
Indrė Dargytė, Dovilė Krušinskaitė, Rozita Gončarė and Vygantas Nomeika were greeted by two distant communities of Keturvalakiai near Vilkaviškis and Daugailiai near Utena, as well as the lovely family of Mr. Ušackas. After some formal introductions and gift swapping, the members of LCLC discovered the true hostpitality of their native land. Read more >>
July 30, 2012
On July 30th, LCLC board members Raminta Dereskeviciute and Darius Daubaras attended the dinner organised and hosted by the Embassy of Lithuania in London in the honour of the visiting Lithuanian Olympic Committee and Lithuanian athletes participating in London 2012 Olympic games. Read more >>
July 18, 2012
As the grey summer (summer?) skies of Albion pushes everything and everyone indoors for warm meals, cool drinks and jolly company, on a surprisingly warm Wednesday evening a group of five met for a seasonal taste of Britain in a West London restaurant of Bumpkin. Read more >>
July 7, 2012
The Lithuanian City of London Club continues its LT Big Brother initiative and this time we have all gotten together in the Ye Grapes pub, Mayfair. With a family of about 20 brothers and sisters (big and small) one didn’t have to wait long to see everyone engaged in thrilling discussions, new questions raised, old ideas rethought – it was exciting for everyone. Read more >>