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Backto.lt event in London
May 4, 2014

On the 3rd of May the Lithuanian Embassy in London hosted an event Backto.lt which was jointly organized by organisation Backto.lt, LCLC and The Lithuanian Youth Association in the UK. The event gathered over 200 participants.

The President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite sent a welcome message to the participants of the event in which she noted that it’s quite symbolic to hold such an event at the time when Lithuania is celebrating 10 years anniversary of the EU membership. This event, according to the President, is a great example of the opportunities provided by the membership in the EU – possibility to study and work in any EU country.

Gitanas Nausėda, an advisor to the president of SEB bank in Lithuania emphasised the huge positive impact of the EU membership on Lithuania’s economy which is best reflected by the fast growth of GDP. Being part of the EU also opened new markets to Lithuanian exporters making them less dependent on the Russian market and encouraged foreign investment in Lithuania.

Giedrius Dzekunskas, the Head of Barclays IT center in Lithuania noted that large international companies which establish their shared service centers in Lithuania not only contribute to the economy of the country but also bring international business management and HR management standards as well as high standards of organisational culture.

The event featured numerous speeches from representatives of various companies based in Lithuania who shared their success stories and demonstrated positive changes in Lithuanian economic and business environment. The participants of the event were invited to consider career opportunities back in Lithuania.

Daumantas Mockus, former president of LCLC, presented the activities of the club emphasizing that the main goal of LCLC is to help Lithuanian professionals to pursue or further develop their careers in any country they live. The main thing, according to Daumantas, is to seize the opportunities and seek success in professional life no matter where you live. Having successful professional life abroad one can then greatly contribute to the well-being of Lithuania.

By Kristina Lukošiūtė to LCLC