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British Lithuanian Parliament - 75 years past (Photo)
May 11, 2013

On Saturday, 11 May 2013, LCLC Board member Monika Fedoraviciute attended an annual gathering of all Lithuanian Communities in Great Britain at the Embassy of Lithuania. The event was marked by a special - 75 year anniversary of the 1st British-Lithuanian Parliament.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Linas Linkevicius, delivered an inspirational speech encouraging all Lithuanians to share good views and memories about their mother-land and spread the good word to the British people. He also expressed gratitudes to Ms Z. Ilgunaite and the Reverend Father P. Tverijonas for their work of promoting Lithuanian culture in the UK. Mr. R. Kinka has been awarded with a special "Diplomatic Star of Lithuania" for his continuous efforts on strengthening Lithuania's independence.

On this special occasion, a large number of the British-Lithuanian associations have attended the event: British-Lithuanian Society, JKLJS, Communities from Leeds, Northern Ireland, Cambridge & Oxford student associations, Lithuanian scouts in the UK and many others. All of the communities were encouraged to share their views on the challenges of British-Lithuanian communities that they can face in the future: the need for creation of single British-Lithuanian governing body in the UK that would supervise and unite all communities in the UK, the financing issues, the maintenance of Lithuanian public spirit in the UK, the cooperation between communities and many others. The representatives of LCLCL, Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, JKLKS, "Santaros-Sviesos" club have delivered a presentations on their organisations and on the activities they do.

All the event later on continued on an informal basis with a wine reception.

More about the event here.