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J. Žilinskienė initiates City of London Women's Chamber of Commerce
June 30, 2014
A Lithuanian businesswoman Jurga Zilinskiene is the first Lithuanian woman who has received Honorary Freemen of the City of London award. The founder of one of the most successful translation company Today Translations has organized an event the main goal of which was an establishment of Women’s Chamber of Commerce in the City of London  following an example of Greater Huston Women’s Chamber of Commerce (GHWCC) which is the fastest growing chamber of commerce in USA. 

The event was attended by well-known companies such as Marks & Spencer, Harvey Nash, Shazam. Furthermore, during the event GHWCC delegates from Texas Medicine Centre, H-E-B, Houston Airport had a possibility to meet London City professionals in order to share ideas and make business contacts.  
According to Mrs. Zilinskiene the organization will help to set all working professional women initiatives together, in order, to support each other and share ideas, experience and get advices. Thus will help to maintain professional experiences between working professional females and set strong networking relationships, motivate self-mentoring and provide consultations about various business issues. 

Susan Deison, the president of non-profit organization GHWCC claimed: “We believe that women who want to excel in business have to support each other”. 

J. Zilinskiene who has been living in London for more than 20 years calls herself a citizen of the world, however she has not forgotten her homeland - Lithuania. “If I see there is anything I can help Lithuania with, I will always do so”,- says Mrs. Zilinskiene. She also highlights the importance of sharing international experience. Mrs. Zilinskiene hopes that a similar organization will be established in Lithuania as well.