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Kayaking trip in France (Photo)
August 7, 2010

August of 2010 in the LCLC history was marked by a wonderful kayaking trip. The route was chosen to be down the river Dordogne, in France. The geographical location of the river, which flows down the south-central and southwest part of France allowed the group to take advantage of much more than just fresh air and beautiful sites…

The dream team consisted of 7 LCLC members. A nice coincidence was that all male representatives of the canoeing team: Egis, Darius, Linas and Viktoras, happened to be the ex-presidents of LCLC! The three lovely ladies of the crew were Simona, Rasa and Vaiva. The crew has started a three-day adventure without knowing where to set their expectations. The route has started off from the principal base in Vayrac and ended in Vitrac which totaled 62km of patient kayaking down the river Dordogne.

During the daytime from the very start of the trip everyone admired the great views of medieval French chateaux, scenic bridges along the way and delicious gourmet French cuisine during the breaks.

It is worth noting that all the ladies of the crew took kayaking and paddling rather seriously, sweating their way through to the next camping spot. Meanwhile the gentlemen were showing off Tarzan tricks on the ropes, showcasing their reading and photography skills J However, after the tough day’s paddling, the leisure time in the evenings was spiced up with some serious karaoke shows, cigar smoking and star gazing activities just before the bed time in our cozy tents; given the wild dogs or perhaps a wolf were fast asleep in the woods. 

During the course of the trip team marked a birthday of Linas Čiapas, whose birthday cake had been demolished regardless its 2 day journey in the canoe, all the way down from a super market near Toulouse. Luckily, LCLC members never complained of poor appetite, hence not only the birthday cake, but also the rest of the leftovers were not wasted. That’s what we call “green” traveling: no electricity bills, no CO2 emissions and definitely no waste.

Finally, until the very last moment of the trip everyone had a huge smile on their faces, showing the contentment and perhaps a sign of regret it was so quickly over. No better sign had to be sought to show that the first canoeing trip of LCLC was a great success!