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LCLC attracted a record number of Lithuanian professionals
January 31, 2019
LCLC on ice

LCLC has completed yet another successful year in the UK. The club currently represents 80 Lithuanian professionals. Beginning of each calendar year is an important time in the club’s diary of events. It is the time when the club’s president and board members are elected. It is also a time for setting goals for the year ahead.

Marius Raugalas (Senior Digital Marketing Manager at BT Group) will continue to lead LCLC as a president of the club for a fourth successive year. Financial specialists Gediminas Kiveris and Giedrius Daubaris, a lawyer Giedre Doig and a computer programmer Maksim Solovjov have been elected to the board of LCLC. Lithuanian ambassador to the UK Renatas Norkus has been proudly granted a status of an honourable member of LCLC.

R. Norkus said: “An invitation to become an honourable member of LCLC obliges me to continue positive cooperation between the Embassy of Lithuania and the club, in order to further meaningful initiatives like engagement of the Lithuanian community into the matters of Lithuania and encouragement of migration back to Lithuania”.

M. Raugalas was delighted that LCLC has been increasingly open to a diverse group of Lithuanian professionals, not limited to the standard City professions like finance and law.

LCLC represents Lithuanian community at a number of discussions of significant importance. The club has been organising successful social, professional and charity events for over 10 years. The club also boasts an ever-increasing active alumni community in Lithuania which organises regular events in Vilnius.

Full article (in Lithuanian) is available at: https://www.delfi.lt/news/daily/emigrants/londono-sicio-lietuviu-klubas-pritrauke-rekordiskai-daug-lietuviu-profesionalu.d?id=80298757