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LCLC Celebrates Christmas 2012 (Photo)
December 10, 2012

Just like every year, this glittery red and green season LCLC Members gathered together to rejoice how merry we can be, how hard we can play and how much warmth for mankind we have.

On a Saturday night over thirty LCLC Members and friends met in Soho where the Secret Santa’s bag was filled with creative and well thought through presents and surprises. This was followed by a Pan-Indian dinner where the last year’s achievements and memories were shared and plans for meeting each other back in Lithuania during the Christmas break were made.  As many LCLC get-togethers, the night carried on with music and dancing. This time we were spinning in Latin style enjoying a Cuban band live performance.

During the night the traditional LCLC Christmas raffle was held. A significant amount was raised towards the LCLC Christmas Charity initiative. We are so very grateful for all the donations and our special thanks goes to our generous friends for donating prizes to make the raffle a success:

  • Laura Kuklieriūtė of L'Oreal,
  • Justina Paleckytė of REN Skincare,
  • Lina Petraitytė of Egoist Body Studios,
  • Ieva Šatkutė,
  • Viktorija Vasiliauskaitė.

Now LCLC is looking forward to another year ahead. No doubt it will be filled with variety of exciting changes in our Members’ careers and trilling personal achievements. LCLC wishes to all LCLC Members and friends success and happiness for 2013 and we are looking forward to celebrating all remarkable occasions together!