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LCLC Christmas Initiative
December 14, 2011
Dear LCLC Friends and Partners,

Continuing our tradition to help those in need, this Christmas we would like to invite you to support the “Mother and Child‘s Shelter” in Vilnius for women and their children who have suffered domestic abuse.

This year’s goal is extremely important: your generous offerings will be assigned to buy a much needed refrigerator for the shelter and establish an on-going grant to encourage the bright children and provide micro-financing solution for mothers living in the shelter.

During a recent visit to the shelter, The President of The Republic of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite, highlighted the importance of encouraging children living in dysfunctional families to pursue knowledge and inspire their creativity. H.E. President stated that “the intolerance for abuse and support to women suffering from it around us is vital; we need to inspire and encourage them to believe in themselves and never give up - this can make their Christmas brighter but will also help us grow a stronger, more integrated society ”.

According to the Council of Europe 12%-15% of European women face violence at home on a daily basis. It is a burning issue in homes across Lithuania too. The “Mother and Child‘s Shelter” plays a vast role in the lives of such victims by providing a temporary safe place to live, as well as an on-going social care to help them lead a successful life in the future. In 2010 the shelter helped an astonishing 1176 people. The “Mother and Child‘s Shelter” is an activist for various initiatives and implements projects aimed at helping victims suffering social exclusion to better integrate them into society and the job market.

We cordially invite you to join us in this important cause and help the women and children living in this great shelter. Let’s make this Christmas brighter!

Name: Lithuanian City of London Club Bank: NatWest Acc number: 25641433 Sort code: 56 00 27

We would also like to encourage you to sign up for our "List of Sponsors" indicating that you have made a contribution to this great cause! Just indicate whether you would like to be on the list when making the transfer by including this text: (LIST).


P.S. Like our initiative on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-The-Mother-and-Childs-Shelter-2011/245150742212063?sk=wall