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LCLC elected their President for a third term
January 12, 2018
LCLC Annual General Meeting 2018
The annual general meeting of the Lithuanian City of London Club (LCLC) took place on the 12th of January 2018, with its members electing the club’s current president Marius Raugalas for a third term.

During the evening Marius reviewed the past year for the club, which was just as exciting as the previous, 10th anniversary year, when the organisation received a special recognition for its contributions to Lithuania from the hands of H.E. President Dalia Grybauskaitė during the “Global Lithuanian Awards 2016” ceremony. In 2017, LCLC returned to organising professional events, started supporting high school students through Lietuvos Junior Achievement and Nacionalinė Moksleivių Akademija programmes, actively participated in public debates about Brexit, dual citizenship and pensions reform in Lithuania, and attracted 11 new members, with the Club now counting over 70 regular members.

Marius Raugalas, who works in London as a Senior Manager for Digital Service Planning and Value at BT Group, a telecommunications company, was delighted with the organisation’s achievements in 2017 and thanked the club’s board, former presidents and other LCLC members for their help and support.

The club’s president presented his priorities for the next year and was elected for a third term, while noting that this is not only a great honour and responsibility, but also a unique opportunity to meet some very interesting people. Marius promised to continue facilitating networking opportunities between the Club's members and alumni, to strengthen the Club's image and to continue contributing to Lithuania's long term advancement.

In the media: https://www.delfi.lt/news/daily/emigrants/londono-sicio-lietuviu-klubas-naujus-metus-pasitinka-su-dar-didesniais-bendruomeniniais-tikslais.d?id=76914599