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LCLC Italy trip - Lake Garda
September 1, 2013

How LCLC members fell in love with Bardolino wine...

To extend the summer season, late in September, LCLC jumped on board of the trip to the country of mouth watering food and dangerously tasty wine! As much as everyone loved the gorgeous Lake Garda and all the little towns around it, if it was not for the perfect group of people - Laurynas, Vilma, Viktorija, Grazina, Juste, Saule and Auste - the experiences might have been different.

Thursday, 19th September, was as if fast forwarded - everyone rushing to finish work, catch the train to Stansted, plane to Milan and the midnight drive to the town on the Eastern shore of the lake - Bardolino.

Little did we see of Italy on our first day, except for our super stylish hostess who met and ushered us to our rooms looking immaculate even at 1am. But it wasn't about Italy on our first night - we finally got all in one room, did some introductions of each other, with much needed Swiss goodies and wine brought by Saule.

Friday's biggest challenge was to get up after around 4 hours of sleep as we had to catch a speed boat from Garda - a town around an hour walk from Bardolino - to the most picturesque little town Malcesine. The boat transfer was an experience in itself for those who were awake and the less energetic ones who had a nice rocking sleep:)

In Malcesine a cable car running over 4km long and about 1.8km high took us up to Monte Baldo - a paradise for sky divers and for us, hikers, too.

The breath taking panoramic views combined with the sounds of the bells of the mountain cows created a unique atmosphere. So unique that we couldn't help not stopping half way to admire it. Well prepared with those Swiss goodies and this time Bardolino wine, we happily lightened Laurynas rucksack and set up an already much needed picnic in the middle of the mountain path attracting thirsty passers by.

We returned to Bardolino at the beautiful sunset. Had the most delicious dinner in town and ended the night with an Italian local discotheque!

Saturday was a rewarding day - more sleep, time for shopping and the best part - wine tasting at the Zeni winery. The winery is a local family business since 1870 currently managed by two sisters and one brother - Zenis.

If at the mountain we greatly enjoyed the Bardolino wine, at Zeni's winery we fell in love with it! As if it wasn't enough of excitement about the whole wine tasting experience, the cherry on top of the cake was when we were approached by the Frederica Zeni - one of the sisters that our winery guide talked so much about - while having dinner later in the evening, of course accompanied by Zeni wine. (see photo)

Final perils of that night were in Hollywood - the best club in town...

Sunday - last day... Final destination before heading back to the airport - Sirmione. It's a stunning little town on a narrow peninsula in the South of the lake. And though packed with tourists, neither crowds of people nor our low batteries stopped us noticing the beauty of this medieval gem with its well preserved 13th century Scaligery castle.

Everyone had different highlights of the trip, but we all agreed that it was the perfect combination of the perfect ingredients…