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LCLC joins UK Youth Union Annual Gathering 2013 (Photo)
March 9, 2013

Just like every year, LCLC members and the board had a pleasure of joining the United Kingdom Lithuanian Youth Union’s (JKLJSAnnual Gathering 2013. This year's discussions focused on opportunities and obstacles for the young and highly educated Lithuanians seeking careers in the UK and also explored options for UK-based youth to return to their home country and share the experience and knowledge gained abroad.

Former LCLC president Daumantas Mockus participated in the main discussion panel together with other guests from Lithuanian and the UK. He encouraged young individuals to explore and carefully define their personal and professional goals before deciding where in the world would they would like to live, study or work. According to Daumantas, having a clear personal vision will make it easier to answer the question of whether or not it is the right time to return and continue one’s career in Lithuania.

LCLC president Raminta Dereškevičiūtė and board members Ramunė Gedgaudaitė and Viktorija Vasiliauskaitė gave a presentation on the Lithuanian City of London Club and its ongoing initiatives. Ramunė also shared the success of the newly-started ‘LCLC Lectures’ project where LCLC members - highly experienced professionals – offer guest lectures in universities of Lithuania. This was very much in line with a key discussion point: should emigrants return to Lithuania for good or should they stay mobile, grow further and share their experiences in an organised and accessible way with professionals living and working in Lithuania? The ‘LCLC Lectures’ project is a perfect example and yet another innovative way of contributing towards progress in Lithuania by sharing knowledge and experience gained abroad.

To read more about event and discussion please follow the link.