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LCLC meets Mr Petras Auštrevičius
March 5, 2014
Yesterday LCLC board and former club presidents were privileged to welcome Mr Petras Auštrevičius, current Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Lithuania, in the City of London. Informal lunch was rich in conversations on internal politics of Lithuania. Mr. P. Auštrevičius shared his views on upcoming presidential and EU parliament elections. The opinions and concerns around current situation in Ukraine and Belarus, including potential impact on Lithuania's and EU economy and security were also exchanged in prior to Mr. Auštrevičius lecture at UCL "Lithuania and its Neighbours". Deputy speaker noted that LCLC participation in Lithuania's economy and decision making process is essential and welcomed. We hope that this is a start of a great relationship which will prove beneficial to Lithuania. Going forward, LCLC will aim to organise a round table discussions where views around strategic areas of concerns can be exchanged and opportunities to posivitely contribute to their successful implementation identified.