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LCLC member co-authors a book on banking
February 18, 2014

LCLC member Linas Ciapas (SMBC), together with the president of the Lithuanian Banking Association professor Stasys Kropas, Danas Vengraitis (Finalta) and Giedrius Sidlauskas (European Commission) have published “Bank Financial Management: Lessons from the Crisis and Impact of Regulatory Measures” (Vilnius University Press, ISBN 978-609-459-274-4). In the book the authors examine the banking business after the Great financial crisis of 2008, focusing on changing business models of banks, best practices in the management of principal risks (e.g. credit, liquidity, interest rate risks), bank capital management and allocation, impact of Basel III and the reform of EU banking supervision and its implications. Bank Financial Management includes many relevant examples for practitioners, discusses necessary changes required for sustainable operations and offers some predictions on the future of banking.

Press release together with further comments in business daily Verslo Zinios can be found here

The book can be purchased at bookshops in Lithuania or by contacting Žydrė Černiūtė, senior specialist at Vilnius University Publishing, tel. +370 52687084 or zydre.cerniute [at] ld.vu.lt