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LCLC participates in LSE Baltic States Forum 2013 (Photo)
February 19, 2013
The London School of Economics Baltic Society event "Baltic States as a Regional Player in the European Union - Steps, Opportunities and Challenges" attracted not only the top speakers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, but also a crowd of participants that could barely fit in LSE's Hong Kong Theatre.
Mr Andrius Kubilius, former Prime Minister of Lithuania, Robert Kilis, current Minister for Education and Science of Latvia, Reinis Aboltins, Energy Policy analyst at the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS, Aivar Soerd, former Estonian Minister of Finance and Director of the Tax Board, the Ambassadors and many other prominent guests provided multidisciplinary and thorough discussions on education, energy security, management of economic crisis and integration of the EU financial system in the Baltic States.
International Section Editor of The Economist and LCLC's friend Mr. Edward Lucas engaged the audience while discussing with Mr Kubilius whether Lithuania's economy was indeed a success story and what the challenges currently where.
LCLC's president Raminta Dereskeviciute also attended the event as the guest on the Panel for "Future of Baltic Students: Employment Opportunities Abroad and Perspectives in Home Countries". Dr. Richard Mole, Senior Lecturer in Political Sociology at the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, encouraged the Panel to discuss whether the Baltic students will continue coming to study in the UK, what the options and incentives for them to return to Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia were and how the governments in the Baltics could attract such students to come back home. LCLC alumni, former advisor to Mr Kubilius, Mykolas Majauskas, spoke on the Panel "Integration of the Baltic States in the EU Financial and Economic System" and gave his perspective on how three countries should cooperate.