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LCLC Random Dinner - July 2012
July 18, 2012

As the grey summer (summer?) skies of Albion pushes everything and everyone indoors for warm meals, cool drinks and jolly company, on a surprisingly warm Wednesday evening a group of five met for a seasonal taste of Britain in a West London restaurant of Bumpkin.

Yes, it was the 4th LCLC dinner event with a curious bunch of random (mysterious phone-generated list...), but on the other hand - usual - suspects: Viktorija Pedrosa, Viktorija Vasiliauskaitė, Gediminas Kiveris, Petras Vaičius and Ramunė Gedgaudaitė. Even the double presence of queen's namesakes did not knock the party off balance - the task was clear - meet, speak, eat.

Soon enough a cheerful chatter filled the room and stories of distant lands (of UAE) and cities of no tears (Moscow) invited everyone's imagination for a virtual journey around the world... Of course - the banks of Amazon and 'must stay' fellow Lithuanian’s hotel! The evening was crowned by Petras' reminiscences of homeland and the widely sung beauty of all ladies that come from there (somehow interpreted as wife-hunting stories by an apt observer :/ ).

Of course, it being a professionals dinner, the evening had it's necessary occasional elements of geek-iness. Both auditing and econometric skills were thrown around, along with their appropriate fancy terms. Not surprising though - all this talk was well encouraged by delicious food and heart-warming drinks. The evening was unilaterally concluded as success and all the lucky random participants wished well for the folk behind this excellent LCLC initiative.