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LCLC Random Dinners - August 2012
August 4, 2012

If you ever tried picturing LCLC members in the setting of Lithuanian country side, try again. After receiving an invitation from a very special host, H.E. Ambassador Vygaudas Ušackas, five members of LCLC embarked on their longest journey for the LCLC Random Dinner yet - towards Zarasai, Lithuania.

Indrė Dargytė, Dovilė Krušinskaitė, Rozita Gončarė and Vygantas Nomeika were greeted by two distant communities of Keturvalakiai near Vilkaviškis and Daugailiai near Utena, as well as the lovely family of Mr. Ušackas. After some formal introductions and gift swapping, the members of LCLC discovered the true hostpitality of their native land.

Let us say it was a true evening of discovery. Vygantas discovered he was in a highly privileged position to enjoy the company of LCLC mermaids. Rozita found out she has another (younger) husband, as the locals mistakenly assumed the only man from London was indeed her husband. Indrė tasted bream for the first time in her life and Dovilė won all of the contests that took place that evening. We all discovered the type of bond that such environment can form, combined with all the right ingredients.

The evening ended with some members of the party swimming in the lake (with clothes). It is unfortunate that we can't show you all the pictures!