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LCLC Random Dinners Begin (Photo)
April 24, 2012
Six members of LCLC - Martynas Burokas, Raminta Dereskeviciute, Ramune Gedgaudaite,  Dovile Krusinskaite, Vilija Vaitkeviciute and Rytis Vitkauskas - got together for the first, innaugural dinner as part of the new soocial initiative 'LCLC Random Dinners.'  The initiative is designed to facilitate team bonding and networking among the members of the Club and it works by randomly selecting groups of six members for informal dinners every month.  The group picked Berneliu Uzeiga / Shepherd's Inn in Leyton, E15 1XH for the first 'Random Dinner'.  Braving the typical London weather with unreasonable wind and unnecessary rain, the members travelled the considerable distance from all over the central London but arrived in great spirits.  Lithuanian beer, kvass, fried bread sticks with cheese, pig's ears, and, of course, Zepellini, complemented well the cheerful conversations about Lithuanian pop music, mobile apps, and Martynas not drinking beer that night.  The night proved to be a great opportunity to get to know fellow LCLC members - both those that one is in touch with regularly, and those that one isn't.  As a legacy, the inaugural 'LCLC Random Dinners' class suggests that Berneliu Uzeiga becomes the 'spot' for all subsequent dinners.  The Zeppelini alone made it absolutely worth the trip, even if only one guest managed to finish the entire serving of two Zeppelini (yes, they are MASSIVE, and they come in pairs)!