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LCLC Sailing Isle of Wight 2012 (Photo)
June 23, 2012

In the late sunny morning on 23 June, thirteen LCLC members set out from the historical naval port of Portsmouth with a goal to sail clockwise around the Isle of Wight on a 46 foot yacht quite fittingly named "Destination Anywhere", skippered by the former LCLC president Linas Ciapas.

As the day was quite breezy, with winds averaging 20 knots, the No man's Land fort was quickly passed and so was the Bembridge Ledge easterly cardinal marker. Shortly after a course change to SW and now beating against the wind (with the mighty Atlantic swell providing an occasional full drenching in the cockpit) the crew successfully picked up a lost fender (thanks Karolis!), which was also a good simulation of a MOB (man over board) situation.

Now the boat was approaching the St Catherine's point (Southernmost point on the Isle of Wight) and first signs of fatigue and seasickness were appearing, however everyone bravely dug in and persevered. With full tide pushing the yacht West, the top speed of over 9 kts was recorded. After some time everyone could see the majestic limestone cliffs of the Needles, where many ships have met their fate in old times.

The final tricky part of the journey was to negotiate the short stretch of the Needles Channel in order to get to the destination of Lymington, and this was beautifully steered by Gedas through the 3m waves! In the evening and fully recovered after sailing 49 nautical miles in one day, everyone enjoyed dinner and a well deserved pint in a cosy traditional English pub.