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LCLC skiing in Chamonix, France (Photo)
March 15, 2013

LCLC had a great turnout in this year's skiing trip to Chamonix valley. With blue skies, spring in sight, but good amounts of snow, over twenty LCLC members and their second halves managed to navigate safely down the slopes for all three days  –  be it on the skis or a snowboard (or in a gondola…). This year LCLC's Charity Committee helped our members to combine pleasure with good cause while in the mountains. Our 'skiing instructors' Vilma and Viktorija kindly agreed to help our members improve on the slopes by giving skiing lessons. Money raised for the lessons will go to LCLC's Charity Fund. As always, après-ski constituted an important part of the trip!  Not only that our members had a chance to enjoy the views, they also had some time to reflect on the trip…. Many thanks to one of our members for summarising the experience below:


I was never embarrassed to tell the wholly truth

But when it comes to skiing down black slopes

In the mist of cloudless skies

And stomach full of lovely fries

There are some things

Only the brave ones down the slope could share..


Although opportunistic adventures have happy endings

Especially in romantic comedies

One had more than the pants full of gear

In the form of snow combined with fear..


We learned like eagles with the growing wings

To fly with sun and helmet wigs

Bewilderment and fear

Was quick to disappear

Enlightened with the splash of sparkling clear


These days of marble blue above of you

The French cuisine, the piano, downhill chase

The nights of dance, performing arts

Uplifted spirits, blissful hearts

Some bodies bruised

All fell for snooze

Alongside Mont Blanc mountain valley views...