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LCLC summer trip to the Curonian Spit
September 11, 2015
There is no better place than home...

After visiting quite a few different countries over the years for the traditional LCLC summer trip, this year we decided to go to one of the most beautiful spots in Lithuania - the Curonian Spit, the UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautiful sand dunes, refreshing pine forests and long sandy beaches.

And so August bank holiday weekend a group of LCLC members and their families headed to Nida where they were joined by LCLC alumni from Vilnius. It was great to see different LCLC "intakes" meeting each other, and promises have been made to keep closer ties in the future, and not just for the trips!  

After a long dinner on Friday, the evening continued at Prieplaukos vyninė where we celebrated some promotions, made new friends and soon discovered that everyone knows everyone in Nida!

Next morning a group of us set off for a cycling trip along one of the most picturesque routes in Neringa, visiting Naglis dunes and stopping for a must-try smoked fish in Preila. Although little accidents were not avoided, everyone gathered for an early dinner back in Nida at a newly-opened Bo House. After discussions of current affairs during the dinner, we headed to the beach for a summer season closing party at Kupolas beach bar. Under the full moon, stories were told and wine glasses were raised to the passing summer. The history remains silent on how many of us have greeted the sunrise.

Needless to say, after Saturday's busy schedule, Sunday was devoted to relaxation, sightseeing and beach-time. Having said that, some of us opted for a more active afternoon and managed to squeeze in a run and a refreshing swim in the sea! 

Most of the travellers rushed back to rainy London on Monday morning, but a few of us were lucky to have stayed for one more day admiring beautiful sand dunes on what felt like a very warm summer day.

For some of us, this weekend was the first time exploring the Curonian Spit, while others are frequent summer guests there but one thing is sure - we will all be going back soon!

Everyone who visited the Curonian Spit national park could contribute to the preservation of protected areas by buying a visitor's ticket at https://www.tiketa.lt/LT/valstybinio_parko_lankytojo_bilietas_12999