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LCLC Super Weekend in Switzerland (Photo)
August 27, 2012

At the start of this summer's last bank holiday weekend, a dozen of LCLC'ers packed their sunglasses and their bathing suits and set out on a slow and relaxing weekend in Interlaken, Switzerland. Or so they thought...

After a late-night flight to Zurich and a stormy drive to the Alps, the vacationers reached their hotel in Oberhofen, which sits on the banks of the sky-blue Lake Thun. The first challenge was to sleep with all the sheep and cows ringing their bells on the grazing lands in the surroundings. Nevertheless, everyone was getting breakfast at 8.00am sharp, sleep-deprived but super-excited about the day's hike.

What followed was a beautiful day up in the mountains with simply too many spots to stop and take in the beauty of the Alps. The hikers ended up completing a long, 6-hour hike through scorching sunshine and scattered thunderstorms, and covered almost 20km on foot. Some of them came better prepared than others, which resulted in a couple of slower walkers having to catch a ride down the mountain in a passing car!

The intensity picked up a notch the next day when the entire crew piled into big inflatable boats and went white water rafting in a growling mountain river. With water temperature at just 6 degrees and difficulty levels reaching 4 out of 5, the 2-hour ride through rocks, holes and cliffs along the fast-running river, the rafters were relieved and exhilarated to stand on firm ground again. The day was finished with a steak and fondue dinner at a mountain-top restaurant in a nearby village.

Just when you think the trip cannot get any more extreme, LCLC'ers are sure to come up with yet a new way to keep their adrenaline pumping. The last day of the trip was spent waterskiing and riding a speed boat on Lake Thun. Luckily, among the aspiring water acrobats was a professional water-skiing athlete, who gave many their much-needed introductory lesson. There was a lot of speed, a lot of falling, plenty of thrill and endless smiles.

Needless to say, people were feeling just a little tired on the way back to London that night. But the experiences shared with their fellow LCLC'ers on that long, intense summer weekend were definitely worth it!