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Lithuanian Ambassador and Invest Lithuania Meet LCLC Members (Photo)
February 21, 2013

LCLC members and their guests were warmly welcomed to the Lithuanian Embassy for an event on “Foreign Direct Investment in Lithuania: What Impact Can We Make in Order to Encourage It?”.  Ms Milda Dargužaitė, the CEO of “Invest Lithuania” (a non-profit organization owned by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania) gave an introductory speech, presenting the initiatives that the organization has undertaken in Lithuania, its international projects, and future perspectives. Most importantly, Ms Dargužaitė introduced to the guests the variety of business opportunities that Lithuania can offer to foreign investors and shared her ideas how such opportunities could be presented to foreign companies. Moreover, she emphasized the ways in which each one of LCLC members could contribute to attracting foreign investment to our home country: “Every positive word matters!”.

The special guest of the event, Mr Andrius Kubilius, the former prime minister of Lithuania, talked about Lithuania’s interests in the European Union. He stressed the necessity of the country’s further economic and political integration with the European family. Mr Kubilius's insights were followed by the speeches from his former assistant, Mr Mykolas Majauskas, and Mr Mantautas Paškevičius, country manager for Strategic Staffing Solutions, both of whom shared their personal experiences with regard to investments in Lithuania and Lithuania's economy.

Finally, LCLC and Invest Lithuania presented their emerging initiative to collaborate in attracting foreign investment to Lithuania by means of sharing know-how and human resources.

After the official part, the talks moved from the conference hall to a wine reception, where they continued in a jolly spirit. The success of the event was consolidated with most of the LCLC members and friends moving to the pub next door to endure the discussions and further enjoy each other’s company.

We are grateful to Lithuanian Embassy's staff and Invest Lithuania team for such an inspiring event!