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Members of the LCLC met Mr. Rimantas Sadzius
February 17, 2015

On Monday 19 January 2015, the members of the LCLC had the pleasure of dining with the Finance Minister of Lithuania Rimantas Sadzius and his accompanying guests Sigitas Mitkus, Gintautas Bagotyrius, Remigijus Bielinskas, Darius Trakelis, Gintaras Stony and the Ambassador of Lithuania to the UK, Asta Skaisgiryte-Liauskiene.

The club members heard first hand the Minister's opinion on the new currency of Lithuania – Euro, and its effects on business community and ordinary Lithuanian people. The Finance Minister has presented LCLC with their very first 1 Lithuanian Euro coin which shall remind the club members of our close cooperation with the governmental institutions in Lithuania.

An intense discussion unfolded on the subject of the UK’s current actions and relationship with the rest of the EU Member States. Arguments for and against staying in the EU were heard. It was interesting to discover the multifaceted political, financial and legal issues behind the dilemma the UK is facing. Our club members had an opportunity to express their views on the subject of bridging the gap between the UK, City and the EU.

The following day the Minister delivered a speech at the City Guildhall in an event organized by the Open Europe and TheCityUK. Many business leaders heard from the Minister on the actions Lithuania has taken or is going to take to encourage businesses in Lithuania to develop new strategies, funding options and financial solutions. The Minister has also proudly announced the introduction of the new currency – Euro -  in Lithuania from 1 January 2015.

The club members were happy to see that their relevant expertise was valued by the Minister who was very keen to develop further reaching relationship with LCLC members.