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Success Story from new season of LT Big Brother
September 11, 2014

LT Big Brother is the first and the only global voluntary professional mentoring programme for Lithuanian students around the world. The main goal of the project is to facilitate transfer of professional knowledge and experience between established Lithuanian professionals (Big Brothers/Sisters) and ambitious Lithuanian students (Small Brothers/Sisters). With this goal in mind, we help fellow Lithuanians to nurture their professional skills as well as contribute towards development and creation of a better future for Lithuania. 

Justina Petraityte, the final year econometrics student at Vilnius University, is one the Small Sisters this year. With the support of her mentor, member of the board of LCLC Ramune Gedgaudaite, Justina got her first internship in Lithuania. Ramune is very proud of her small sister’s success and says that Justina is very motivated and determined person and thus it is great to see her hard work paying back.

Justina’s internship was in grooving international company. Even though the work experience was unpaid, the student who is just starting her career says this experience will set her stand out in a job market from her colleagues with similar degrees. She believes internships are investment to one’s own future, providing an opportunity to find out more about profession chosen.

“I believe that University diploma on its’ own does not guarantee a good job. You need to have some real work experience which is extremely important in nowadays job market, thus at the moment I feel safer about my future”, says Justina.

“I wish Justina best of luck in completing her degree. I am confident that we will keep in touch throughout the year and she will get her dream job very soon”, says Big Sister Ramune Gedgaudaite.