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LCLC Projects

LT Big Brother


LT Big Brother is a unique and successful professional mentoring program for Lithuanian students around the globe. It aims to pair working professionals with aspiring Lithuanian students at universities around the world and accommodate the exchange of knowledge and experience through informal, lasting relationships.

Started by the Lithuanian City of London Club in London 2009, LT Big Brother now has mentors and mentees from all over the world divided into six regions: Lithuania, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Benilux, USA and Global. 2015 will be a record year for the UK region with over 50 mentors giving almost 80 small brothers/sisters an opportunity to get to know and learn from successful Lithuanian professionals pursuing a vast array of careers in business, finance, government and academia. More details here


LCLC Charity


Lithuanian City of London Club dedicates significant resources towards charitable causes. This year LCLC has been supporting Caritas Children's Day Centers in Lithuania which provide a platform for children from disadvantaged families in rural parts of Lithuania to play, learn new things or see new places. 

In May this year LCLC has already made it possible for 17 children and their mothers to visit go see Lithuania's capital Vilnius for the first time during the Mother's Day. End of June LCLC sponsored another trip for a group of 18 children who had an opportunity to see the sea, dunes and enjoy dolphin shows for the first time in their lives.  

We cordially invite you to join us in this important cause and help children who attend Day Centers. If you would like to participate, please visit here for more details.